Content Enhancement

Content Creation
  • Typesetting documents with mathematical and special characters
  • Using Latex (for print-ready documents) and MathType for Word documents
  • STM (Scientific, Technical, Mathematical) typesetting
  • Composing general documents in Microsoft Word
  • Creating line diagrams and images, image manipulation
  • Flash animation with voice

Content Conversion/Transformation
  • Reformatting content in large print for learning, vision, physically challenged individuals
  • Conversion between PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice
  • Custom formatted documents in HTML, XML, DocBook DTD

Content Sourcing
  • Sourcing audio, video, image, text, content from the Internet
  • Content keeps target audience age, level of education, and other demographics in mind
  • Conversion between different file formats, to suit target environment

Client Testimonial

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