Latex STM Typesetting, Preflighting

We specialize in typesetting mathematics from handwritten notes, illustrating figures from hand-drawn sketches.
  • Working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Math Department, since October 2005
  • Worked with various organizations in the past, including an actuarial agency
  • Our STM portfolio: -
    • Typeset & format text
      • Latex - books, articles, lecture notes, transparencies
      • AMSTex - submission to journals and whitepapers
      • PowerPoint presentations - with IguanaTex or MathType, (Windows platform)
      • Slides in PDF - with Beamer and Prosper (Cross-platform)
    • Illustrate (figures) � Gnuplot, , tikz, MATLAB, overpic, epsfig, epic, eepic, pspic, mycurves
    • Manipulate/modify (figures) � Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW!
    • Customized page element layout, formatting, flow � different page dimensions, document styles
    • Proofread � English; comparing what author sent with what we are delivering
    • Preflight � Ensuring documents at the printing press print the way you envisioned
    • Web-ready, compatible with screen readers, view (but prevent printing), prevent copying text�

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