Successes Stories

Latex typesetting for MIT’s Mathematics Department
Typeset, drawn all figures, preflighted, sent, these books to the printing press
Computational Science and Engineering
ISBN-13: 978-0961408817
Introduction to Linear Algebra
ISBN-13: 978-0961408893
Introduction to Linear Algebra Solutions
ebook; available to teachers only, on request
Calculus, Second Edition
ISBN-13: 978-0980232745
Essays in Linear Algebra
ISBN-13: 978-0980232769
All these books have been written by Professor Gilbert Strang
  • Currently typesetting a book (January 2013) - Name and release date to be decided
  • Lecture notes, and transparencies for presentations (MIT Mathematics Department)
    • Prof. Benn
    • Prof. Helgason
    • Prof. Staffilani
  • Coded Introduction to Linear Algebra (ISBN - 978-0961408893) in Large Print!*
  • *@December 2012. With special permission from the author (recipient name undisclosed)


    Enlarging text & images from 2,000,000+ scanned pages (October 2009)
    • For the learning and vision challenged communities in USA
    • Converted books on chemistry, mathematics, foreign languages
    • Image, .pdf to Word or OpenOffice Writer
    • We use Abbyy FineReader for Optical Character Recognition
    • Mathematics symbols and equations are rendered using MathType from Design Science™, & Unicode
    • Foreign language dictionary help us type out corresponding languages in Word



    XML content creation
    • Internet-based online multi-choice tests
    • Coding XML structure from scanned documents
    • Entering data in an online Content Management System
    • Topics included biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, medicine


    Medical voice & handwritten notes transcribed to text
    • For customized forms in a ‘home healthcare’ application
    • Converted medical lecture notes into a training manual (book)


    Audio and video transcripts
    • We did regular audio and video transcriptions for a period of two years
    • Interviews, commentaries, documentaries, dialogs, monologs, lectures
    • Time-coding to facilitate language dubbing and subtitling
    • Domain expertise – entertainment, current affairs, science, technology, business, medicine
    • Today, we offer voice transcription only as a service add-on to typesetting


    Animation-based interactive audio/video presentations
    • Format text, create illustrations
    • Record voice-over
    • Create self-running, or interactive audio/video presentations, computer-based tutorials


    In addition to the above regular clients, we execute small, time-bound projects: -


    • Creating presentations in PowerPoint
    • Data entry in Word or Excel
    • XML, HTML tagging
    • Content formatting, page layout in PageMaker or InDesign



    Client confidentiality: We sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) with our clients, to protect their intellectual property(and destroy data on project completion)
    Names and personal details, samples of work of existing clients, is not shared with prospective clients (except with express permission of the existing client)

    Client Testimonial

    Our Typesetting Expertise is
      Acknowledged in these Books