Now geography is history! If you have an Internet connection, we can provide voice transcription service wherever you are located!


Voice, Video, Handwriting Transcription

  • Accurate interpretation even with fast speakers, background noise
  • Ability to understand a variety of English accents (American, British, Australian, African-American, Hispanic, Caribbean, Filipino, Indian)
  • Time coding to facilitate video subtitling, language translation
  • Transcription acknowledged to be 95+% accurate consistently, even with background noise
  • Our quality process ensures two sets of eyes per transcript. The ‘proofer’ looks at vocabulary, grammar, idioms, phrases, homophones, homonyms, colloquialisms, slang…
  • Internet research for accurate references & facts, spellings, technical terms, names of people & places1
  • We have done all types of transcription – conference, seminar, workshop, meeting, discussion, speech, press briefing, interviews, TV/Radio shows, podcast, conference, medical, technical, computer…2
  • Professional and confidential service – data is secured, not shared, destroyed after project ends
  • We accept voice and video file in digital formats - .mp3, .wav, .avi, .rm, .mov…


How do I send files to you?
  • You can email files to our email address
  • You can upload files via sftp to our secure server
  • You can send CD/DVD media to our offices in India
How will you return my transcripts?
  • Via email
  • Via sftp – pick up yur transcripts from your secure area on our server
How fast will you return our files?
  • 24-48 hours turn around after we accept the files3
  • We work Mon-Sat (Work submitted on Saturday will be returned earliest by Monday)
Do you accept rush orders?
  • On a case to case basis; may be charged higher (Contact us)
If what format will you return files to me?
  • Transcripts can be saved as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or ASCII text documents
  • We usually return documents in Word 2003 format
Will you charge extra for formatting my transcript?
  • We do basic formatting free of charge (BIU, alignment, line and paragraph spacing, headers, page numbering)
  • For large volumes, we will do extra formatting at no extra cost
How will I pay you?
  • PayPal or bank transfer
Can you do a sample for me?
  • We will transcribe a 5 minute voice (or video) sample file free of charge
  • There will be no obligation to you (though we would like to receive feedback regarding our quality and service)
How much will all this cost me?4
  • USD 7 for every 15 minutes or less of audio
  • Additional costing, depending on the frequency of the time stamping
Will I be charged more for bad quality audio?
  • Bad quality audio may be difficult to hear, microphone or recording device far away from speaker, 'foreign' accents or words, non-native English speakers speaking 'non-English' words, lot of background noise which interferes with speaker's conversation, cross-talking…
  • It takes more time to listen (sometimes multiple times). More effort = more money
If cost increases for bad quality audio, how will I know the cost beforehand?
  • If we believe the audio quality is poor, we will inform you immediately
  • If we are capable of transcribing the audio, we will confirm the price with you before starting
Why is your transcript not 100% accurate?
  • For clear audio, where there is no industry-specific jargon, we can give you 100% accuracy
  • We maintain accuracy of at least 95+% consistently
  • Accuracy is a factor of clarity of voice, background noise, cross-talking, quality of audio…
  • If we can hear the audio clearly, we can transcribe accurately
  • If audio quality is bad and we cannot transcribe it, we will return it with detailed feedback to you
Will I be charged extra for Internet research?
  • No
  • We search for industry-specific jargon, accurate references & facts, spellings, technical terms, names of people & places
Can you transcribe medical reports?
  • Yes
  • We will give a separate per line quote after evaluating a sample
The speaker(s) English pronunciation and grammar are inaccurate
  • We transcribe based on instructions given by you
  • For verbatim transcriptions, we type what we hear phonetically
  • For smart transcriptions, we correct the language, grammar, spellings…

1  It may not be possible to get accurate references or spellings in certain cases

2  It is sometimes difficult to discern which speaker in conversing when there are multiple speakers of the same sex speaking

3  Please check availability; we only have dedicated transcribers for large volume customers

4  Cost may change if speakers have unusual accent, audio quality is low or bad, excess background noise…

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